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Conflict in Couples Relationships and how Counselling can help

Sometimes couples are so caught IN the conflict that they can’t see a way out.  Conflict is a part of life and does impact on your life if its not resolved. Sometimes conflict in relationships is about your values being threatened. Sometimes conflict is about winning an argument at any cost!

What causes conflict in a relationship between couples? There may be misunderstandings, differing expectations of the relationship and their partner, a power imbalance, an overreaction on one or both parties parts, unclear communication or lack of it, to name a few. Barriers to conflict being resolved include stubborness, inflexibility, cultural, gender or different processing.

Couples Counselling Relationship therapy offered by Jennifer McCabe at Running on Empathy Counselling services in Cairns can offer support to couples in a safe non-judgemental and caring environment. Support includes helping them to explore in a constructive way what is going on in the relationship, assist with some techniques to support the relationship to get back on track including better Communication, and help couples back in touch with each other.

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One Response to “Conflict in Couples Relationships and how Counselling can help”
  1. Kathy says:

    Dear Jenny

    My partner and I would like to thank you for helping us when we came to see you. Our relationship was on the decline and we both thought it was the end of the line and that we would break up after 11years together. You helped us see where things were failing and help talk us through the hardships. With both of us working fulltime and 2 little children to look after, life was stressful and we failed to communicate with one another. Your kindness and honesty helped us resolve our problems, and we are now communicating our feelings with one another and not letting them just build up.

    Once again a BIG thank you for helping us save our marriage.

    Your sincerely

    Kathy and Nicholas

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