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Conflict in Couples Relationships and how Counselling can help

Sometimes couples are so caught IN the conflict that they can’t see a way out.  Conflict is a part of life and does impact on your life if its not resolved. Sometimes conflict in relationships is about your values being threatened. Sometimes conflict is about winning an argument at any cost!

What causes conflict in a relationship between couples? There may be misunderstandings, differing expectations of the relationship and their partner, a power imbalance, an overreaction on one or both parties parts, unclear communication or lack of it, to name a few. Barriers to conflict being resolved include stubborness, inflexibility, cultural, gender or different processing.

Couples Counselling Relationship therapy offered by Jennifer McCabe at Running on Empathy Counselling services in Cairns can offer support to couples in a safe non-judgemental and caring environment. Support includes helping them to explore in a constructive way what is going on in the relationship, assist with some techniques to support the relationship to get back on track including better Communication, and help couples back in touch with each other.

Phone Jennifer on 0407 378 061 to make an appointment now.

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The Three ‘C’s for Couples to maintain a fulfilling Relationship

Ok -ok you’ve had enough time to work it out what makes a Relationship work for Couples and Ive been begged by a few Couples to reveal what these are!  The 3 Cs are “Commitment“, “Communication” and “Chemistry” – and not necessarily in that order!  If you need some help in any of these areas come to the Relationship Counselling specialist in Cairns Jennifer McCabe and for all Couples who make an appointment for Couples Counselling in the Cairns region, will receive a complimentary “Romantic Ideas” Pack – you will have a fabulous time restoring the Romance back into your Relationship.

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Is your partner causing your grief? Relationship counselling helps you debrief

Sometimes Couples reach a point where they are constantly fighting or silencing!  The Relationship is unstable and communication has shutdown between them. There is a wall of silence or lots of yelling – strong indicators that the Relationship is in trouble. Seeing a Relationship Counsellor for Couples Counselling is often a step in the right direction to getting your Relationship back on track. In Cairns you can contact Jennifer McCabe a Relationship Counsellor for an appointment to help you both get your Relationship back on track.

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WILD WOMAN WITHIN a group for women in Cairns


Ignite the WILD WOMAN within

This workshop for women will unlock the life you live and the life you have forgotten.

Through expressive processes, reconnect with who you really are -

  • be inspired,
  • discover your expressive self,
  • tap into your imagination,
  • rediscover your spontaneity for life, and
  • have fun!

Date: Saturday 20th June 2009
Time: 10.00am to 3.00pm
Place: Stratford Library Meeting Room
11 Kamerunga Rd, Stratford Qld 4870

Cost: $85.00 includes tea/coffee, a gourmet lunch, materials and handouts.

Bookings: Contact Jennifer McCabe on 0407 378 061

PO Box 309, Manunda 4870

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Why Individuals and Couples come to Counselling?

Photo by aprilbell at sxc photo exchange

Photo by aprilbell at sxc photo exchange

Why do individuals and couples come to Counselling when they’ve got so many friends and family members to chat to? So as not to exhaust a friend’s kindness!

When issue/s arise seek counselling and this way friendships are not strained, but rather,  sustained.

If you are living in Cairns, Kuranda, Atherton Tablelands, Mareeba or Port Douglas, Individual or Couples Counselling appointments are available now by contacting me on 0407 378 061.

Confidential and discreet. Counselling saves relationships and friendships.

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